Are Proactiv Solutions Preferred Customer Benefits Really Worth the Value?

Proactiv offers preferred customers what’s called “ActivMember Benefits.”  This is part of the subscription service that ensures members receive their home delivery treatments with low-price protection.  This also includes 24/7 skin care advisor support.  Users have access to a special membership site that offers discounts on Proactiv products.  The main company website offers a preview of other products members can get discounts on.  While it sounds good to be offered additional products at reduced prices, some claim this benefit wasn’t worth the additional cost.

Many Proactive users who were pleased with results of the bundle acne care system claim the additional products have helped their skin.  Additional products offered to members come through the Proactiv Catalog.  This includes a wide range of products that are usually available at the regular price, but members can receive a discount.  Yet, some wonder if you really are getting a discount since members make regular payments toward their subscriptions.  Products part of the catalog includes their popular Refining Mask, Dark Spot Corrector, Makeup Removing Cloths, Green Tea Moisturizer, Clarifying Night Cream and more.

Several members have mentioned that some of the products worked well on their skin, while other members say the additional products didn’t do much or created additional problems.  Several users who are no longer members and canceled their subscriptions say the additional products were a joke.  Many claim the bundle acne care system (3-step basic care products) didn’t help their skin, yet they were willing to try the free products offered.  Skin reactions varied with some obtaining irritation, blemishes and blisters.  Some claim they couldn’t tell if the reaction was from the basic care system or the additional free product.

A benefit of being a preferred customer includes timely shipments of your acne care products part of your subscription. This is more of a benefit for those who enjoy the product because those who struggle to cancel Proactiv still seem to continue receiving shipments and be charged.  The company claims it often depends on the billing cycle rotation in order for the cancelation to take effect.  Yet, some who claim the product works have experienced delays in receiving their shipments.  Some say their credit cards are charged more than what the supply actually costs.  Others claim they were charged but have yet to see their products.

Some users claim to have a mini stock pile of products sent to them that should have been canceled.  They end up giving bottles of products to people they know or resell them on eBay.  Many figure they were better off reselling the product instead of sending it back to the company to avoid refund drama experienced by previous users.  There are users who claim they don’t use products from the catalog because they don’t have a need for them.  Some users say they have tried one product, gotten poor results and decided not to try anything else from the catalog.  Overall, the preferred customer benefits seem to be worth the value to those who get results from Proactiv products.